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Lost Landscape

Far-Close, Port, Wind, Little Time, Silence, Lost Landscape... These are the titles Ismet Değirmenci uses in his exhibits. The artist has elected to be a utopic traveler seeking an absolute direction to himself, from the uncertain shores of an ambiguous distance. Now, he is "some place" inside but afar. Close but outside, inside but foreign, now but later... In these instances, we follow the traces of an ongoing metaphysical interview between nature, where concepts of time and place have been turned upside down, and himself. What is taking place is a spiritual oscillation at the moment where existence begins to be questioned. The issue is not to be or not; but to be present or not in a place.

In Greek, the word izographiki means to draw life; zographos is the one who draws life. When shall drawing life conclude; when could the end of painting come? With th cognizance of being a painter, and the value he places on it, Ismet Değirmenci is an artist who chooses to come to term with the life within which he is in motion.

Ümit İnatçı

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