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The Arkın Rodin Collection Gallery

The “Auguste Rodin Collection” comprises of Erbil Arkın’s personal collection and their display in the purpose-built museum successfully crowns the establishment of the Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD). The museum, too, can be seen as the culmination of the artistic ambitions of Erbil Arkin who, as a young man, developed his passion for Auguste Rodin at a time when he was studying the arts himself.​Thirty-four original sculptures by Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), as well as those of his lover Camille Claudel and friends, Carrier-Belleuse and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. are on display at The Clock Tower, the headquarters of Arkin Group in Kyrenia.​​The distinguished French artist is generally recognised as one of the greatest sculptors and has become immortalised through his masterpieces such as “The Thinker”, “Eve”, “The Kiss” and “The Eternal Idol”.  This exhibition of Erbil Arkin’s private collection aims to popularise the art of sculpture through the works of a world master and represents the degree of importance that is given to arts and art education. An exhibition of this scope and level is a first in Cyprus.​Visiting THE ARKIN RODIN COLLECTION GALLERY is free. However, within the framework of pandemic rules, art lovers can visit the gallery by making an appointment at 0392 650 11 11. The gallery will be open to visitors on weekdays and weekends between 10:00 and 19:00.​For more information visit:

The Arkın İskele

ART at Arkin İskele:

Own the beauty and excellence around you

The Arkin Iskele offers a rich portfolio of over 160 unique artworks, special edition prints and vibrant designs specially chosen for connoisseurs and collectors.


Arkın İskele’de SANAT:

Etrafınızdaki güzellik ve mükemmelliğe sahip olun 

Arkın İskele, sanatseverler ve koleksiyonerler için özel olarak seçilmiş 160'ın üzerinde eşsiz sanat eserleri, özgün baskılardan ve capcanlı tasarımlardan oluşan zengin bir portföy sunuyor.

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