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Photographer and Graphic Designer



Born in Istanbul on 29 January 1982, Emre Ekinci was introduced to graphic design was at the age of 17, in a small printing house in İstanbul. By means of his talent and good fortune, he started to work as an assistant graphic designer in an advertising agency. He took private painting and architectural drawing lessons and, in time, art became the centre of his life. After five years in the profession he attained the position of Creative Director in a major advertising agency in İstanbul, where he not only designed covers for publishing houses and magazines, but also prepared and directed advertising campaigns for private companies. Due to his personal relevance and professional requirements, he became increasingly involved in photography during this period.

Declining the complicated life in İstanbul, Emre Ekinci moved to Cyprus for a peaceful and quiet life. He made significant contributions to the structuring and development of a newly founded advertising agency in Cyprus and played a substantial role in the foundation and development of various magazines and newspapers. He had his signature under the logos, advertisement campaigns and corporate identity of numerous companies around the island. Throughout this time he continued his photography studies.

In 2011 he opened his first individual photography exhibition, “Migratory”, in Cyprus.

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