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Traces | Benji Boyadgian

Boyadgian’s research-based works feature encounters with architectural relics, and with consequences of political and social situations pertaining to his background, in combination with imageries of his perception. These projects explore themes revolving around heritage, territory, architecture and landscape.

Boyadgian mostly uses painting and drawing as main tools to convey his subject matters. Nevertheless, Traces contains various medias, including photography, animatıon, and spatial installation. Cyprus, through its landscape and long history share some sımılarıtıes wıth Palestine that has ınspıred Boyadgian to work ın the Island. The contexts are dıfferent, but a set of questıons that ınterest hım in general are shared. The exhıbıtıon meanders through different thoughts about traces, such as altering duratıons, voids, and moments.

A book, edited by Basak Senova and published by Art Rooms, will be launched during the exhibition. The book discusses Boyadgian’s works and related issues, accompanied by reflections by authors such as Basak Senova, Behzad Khosravi, Funda Senova Tunalı, Gürgenç Korkmazel, Jonatan Habib Enqvist, Nadide Gizem Akgülgil Mutlu and Yoann Morvan.

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