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1965, Cassino/Italy.


In 1992 she graduated from the Political Science Department and then worked as an assistant in the studio of Claudio Abate from 1992 - 1993. In 2004 her book “Centouno Ritratti”, curated by Raffaele Gavarro, was published by Gli Ori publications. Her book “Imusmis”, also curated by Raffaele Gavarro, was published by Silvana Editoriale publications in 2011. Other publications on her work include Marco Scotini’s text “Territorio Familiare” in 1998 and Bruno Corà’s text “Imusmis 2” in 2014. After receiving a chancellor diploma from The Florence Institute of Psychosynthesis in 2011, she went on to earn her masters degree in the field of Art Therapy from the University Tre in Rome, in 2013.


From a young age Brunella Longo had the opportunity to be in close contact with internationally acclaimed artists and was educated by photographer Claudio Abate. In an environment like Cassino Museum of Contemporary Arts, part of her job gave her the opportunity of meeting with different forms of art and has provided another dimension to her relationship with art. The researcher’s attribute she brought into photography, which was more suitable to her personal susceptibility, is mostly fed by aesthetic and technical relationships. She continues her photography adventure, of which she began with portrait studies, with more experimental and metaphysical fictions of landscape based on symbols. In addition to books on photography that she published, as a lecturer she continues her didactic formation studies as well. She also performs studies as a specialist in the field of art therapy.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 - Art-Emide, Curator Oya Silbery, Art Rooms Gallery, Kyrenia - Cyprus.

2014 - Imusmis 2, Curator Bruno Corà, Cassino Museum of Contemporary Arts

(CAMUSAC), Cassino - Italy.

2012 - Imusmis, Curator Maurizio Coccia, Lucarini Contemporary Art Palace, Trevi - Italy.

2009 - Playing, Curator Piero Tomassoni, Galeri Pio Monti, Rome - Italy.

2008 - Emilio Greco - George Lilanga - Brunella Longo, San Pietro Museum, Assisi - Italy. 2006 - Brunella Longo, Gallery Mimmo Scognamiglio, Napoli - Italy.

2004 - A Hundred and One Portraits, Curator Bruno Corà, Galerie Piéce Unique Variations,

Paris - France.

2004 - Portraits, Curator Raffaele Gavarro, Gallery Dell' Oca, Rome - Italy.

2003 - Among European Female Photographers, Decupaj, Fekete, Longo, Rebois, Curator

Bruno Corà, Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center, Prato - Italy.

2003 - Previous Works, 9 Via della Vetrina Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome - Italy.

2000 - Dryphoto, Contemporary Art, Prato - Italy.

1998 - Familiar Territory, Curator Marco Scotini, Gallery Pino Casagrande, Rome - Italy. 1998 - From Petrified Body to Shredded Body, Curator Ottavio Cavalcanti, Calabria

University, Cosenza - Italy.

1995 - Between Presence and Absence, Curator Florence Lynch, Soho Photo Gallery, New York - USA.

1994 - Between Presence and Absence, Curator Sebastiano Porretta, La Nuova Bottega dell'Immagine, Rome - Italy.

1994 - Galleria Atelier, Perugia - Italy.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 - In Nature, ZAK project space in tour, Siena, Curators Gaia Pasi and Marina Gennari.

2013 - Permanent Collection, Cassino Museum of Contemporary Arts, Curator Bruno

Corà, Cassino - Italy.

2010 - Crossroads/Crocevia, Curator Davide Sarchioni, Capalbio - Italy.

2010 - Collection - Gallery Primo Spazio – Curator Piero Tomassoni, Foligno - Italy.

2010 - Invitation - Gallery Primo Spazio – Curator Piero Tomassoni, Foligno - Italy.

2009 - XVI. National Art Fair, “Artists for Epicentro”, Epicentro Museum, Curator Italo

Tomassoni, Gala di Barcellona (ME).

2009 - Focus on Environment, Curators Cristina Antonini and Davide Sarchioni, Viterbo -


2009 - Da Qui, Gallery Trecinque, Curator Davide Sarchioni, Rieti - Italy.

2007 - 13 x17 Padiglione Italia, Touring Exhibition, Curator Philippe Daverio.

2006 - Check in Europe, Reflecting Identities in Contemporary Art, Curator Beral Madra,

Munich - Germany.

2006 - A Pelle, Secondo festival di Ceglie Messapica, Curator Francesca Cavallo.

2005 - Il Tempo dell'Oca, 1965... Gallery Dell'Oca, Rome - Italy.

2004 - Function and Disfunction of Actual Italian Photography, Curator Raffaele Gavarro.

2004 - Mixed Media, Bannata Contemporary Arts Museum, Curator Massimo Di Stefano,

Bannata - Italy.

2004 - White Night in Via della Vetrina, Gallery 9 Via della Vetrina, Rome - Italy.

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